PT4Pro Rotational Pulley


The PT4Pro® Rotational Pulley provides a unique suspension training workout. The Rotational Pulley adds an extra dimension to your PT4Pro® workout, making the product even more versatile!

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  • Easily attachable
  • a unique, additional dimension to your workout
  • Full 12-month warranty
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The PT4Pro® Rotational Pulley is a powerful tool that allows you to get the most out of your workout. It allows you to simultaneously train and strengthen your core and sense of balance, due to the upper body turning exercise. The rotational factor adds another dimension to your workout and ensures optimal training of multiple muscle groups. The Rotational Pulley is easy to use combined with the suspension anchor and handles of the PT4Pro® Suspension Trainer.

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Orange, Black


Plastic, Steel


0.4 KG